The edge of Cambridge

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We want to complete the planned new neighbourhoods on the edge of Cambridge from previous plans as well as bringing forward new opportunities for sustainable developments, which successfully link the city to the countryside, and where active and public transport is the natural first choice. These should be lively, mixed-use areas to live and work, with local centres of community activity, and their design should enhance the setting of Cambridge in the landscape. We think that development around the edge of Cambridge should come with improved green and natural spaces which are accessible for everyone to enjoy, as part of an expanded network of green infrastructure across the area.

How have the plan’s themes influenced this?

Locating development on the edge of Cambridge is a sustainable development option, because of its good accessibility by walking, cycling and public transport to existing facilities and services. Our edge of Cambridge sites are mostly large scale, and will therefore support provision of new shops, services and facilities. This brings particular benefits for climate change and reducing carbon, sharing the benefits growth with nearby areas, creating healthy new communities, and supporting the economy.

Figure 26: Map of proposed allocations and areas of major change on the edge of Cambridge
Figure 26: Map of proposed allocations and areas of major change on the edge of Cambridge

Topic Paper

Further information on the policy areas, including their national, regional and local context, and further information on the evidence that has informed the proposed policy direction, can be found in the topic paper which accompanies this theme:

  • Greater Cambridge Local Plan: Topic Paper 1: Strategy

What policies are we proposing?